Who we are

Our company

The "Stella Caggiano" brand was born in Italy after a long experience of its creator in the footwear field.

Stella Caggiano has managed in recent years, with the presentation of medium-high brands, plus owned stores.

Following her experience accumulated over time, dictated by the different needs of the female public and her great passion for footwear, she decided to make use of valid Capri master craftsmen who supported her in her project.

He personally selects precious materials for his models, such as real leather certified 100% made in Italy.

The decorations of bright and colored Swarovski crystals, natural stones as well as pearls, ceramic charms, are designed by Stella Caggiano herself, inspired by the evocative colors, flavors and smells of the island of Capri, to give a radiant and elegant light at the foot of every woman who wears them and therefore does not go unnoticed.

After the meticulous choices of the materials, the master craftsmen of whom Stella Caggiano avails themselves, assemble leather with jewels with great skill.

Style, passion and research are the guarantee of unique products, of comfort, tradition and innovation, which create new and suggestive effects.

In this way, jewels are obtained that, made in a limited series, are published in magazines and social networks.